October 31, 2019

Shopify Users - I'm looking for feedback

Ian Grabill @igrabes

Hey Shopify people!

Just over a month ago I started a weekly newsletter that would send out all of the newly published Shopify Apps from that previous week. The idea was to help Shopify Merchants discover new apps for their stores.

I started by sending it out to my network, did some promotion on Reddit/Shopify forms and it has been gaining some real traction. I maintained that for a couple of weeks and quickly gained over 100 subscribers to the newsletter. Each week we had around 40-50% opens and about 20% clicking.

As I was doing the newsletter every week I was realizing that there were enough new Shopify apps every day to justify a daily newsletter, but felt that was too noisy. I then got the idea to implement a leaderboard like product hunt, but instead only focus on the Shopify App niche. With that I created a platform I'm calling Huntify (www.huntify.io)!

The concept is straightforward, each day a set of new Shopify apps get published to a leaderboard, where users can vote them up or down.

There are a bunch of features that I still need to build out, like an app details page where users can get a better understanding of the app and interact with the app developer.

You can check it out here - www.huntify.io. I am looking for feedback from Shopify Merchants, Shopify App Developers, anyone that uses Shopify!


edit: We changed our name and url so I updated the above post.

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    Good concept but you're likely to have made mistake by using Shopify at the start of the name because Shopify would eventually hunt you because of this.

    I might be wrong though.

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      Thanks for checking it out!

      Yeah, that's fair. Changing the name is not a big deal, appreciate the concern.

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    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

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      Hey, thanks for checking it out!

      I like huntify a lot. Gonna store that one as a backup!