Daily Stand-up November 8, 2020

🚀 Shortform Sunday Standup 🚀

Cody Mikol @koaty

In terms of accomplishing your goals.

What did you do since yesterday's standup?

What are you going to work on until the next standup?

  1. 1


    • Added Gumroad Integration.
    • Automatically disabled workflows after 3 consecutive failures.


    • Add support for multiple new items on triggers.
  2. 1

    Yesterday I...

    ✅ Finally deploy the latest batch of bugfixes to order.ly
    ✅Fix five more 🐛z
    🍾(Started) Build a figma design for a social media content generation app out to save me from the misery of managing multiple social media platforms.
    ✅ Read one chapter of the book "Monolith to Microservices" for my 9-5
    ❌ Read one chapter of my Haskell book
    ❌Drink some good Jameson

    Today I will...

    🤞Fix two order.ly 🐛z
    🤞Add in a pricing feature for order.ly landing page
    🤞Do a figma design for my new product codename "Geesh"'s main functionality

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