May 20, 2019

Should I enforce hard limits on my SaaS plans?

Ben Rometsch @dabeeeenster

We recently launched our feature flag SaaS,

We have people signing up for trial accounts, which is great, but I've noticed a fairly large percentage of accounts are overflowing onto the paid tier but not paying. We charge based on the number of API requests our customers make, and currently have no hard limits in terms of preventing them from accessing the API, even if they go over their monthly plan limit.

Is there a best practise for this sort of thing? Should we start enforcing hard limits on the API? It seems kind of harsh, but I've been surprised at the number of people that just ignore my emails asking them to upgrade.


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    Not sure about the technicality of it but I think it'd be useful to put a limit on after a few reminders that it'll happen if they ignore your emails. However, what we need to consider is whether we want to loose the users who are free-riding the app. Since they might leave the platform. So maybe we should let it grow to a certain amount of user base before we enforce the limit?