Podcasters July 15, 2020

Should I have avoided the RODE Podcaster?

Jay Clouse @jayclouse

Hey guys,

I've been rocking the Blue Yeti for a long time now, and just invested in the RODE Podcaster to upgrade a little bit.

Now, I'm thinking I may have some buyer's remorse.

It does a better job of rejecting outside noise (my room setup isn't as good as I'd like, and the Yeti picked up more reverb than I'd like). I think that's because it's a dynamic mic.

But the sound seems...a little flat.

Do you guys avoid the RODE Podcaster? Is there another dynamic mic you'd recommend? I was trying to stick with a USB for simplicity, but it looks like there may not be a better Dynamic USB option that will deliver better sounds than the Yeti.

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    Hi Jay, before you invest some money once again. Did you try to play a little bit around with some EQ? Each microphone has its own sound profile. It fits some voices better than others. Maybe some tweaking will help.

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      I'm about to have a call with my audio engineer to figure that out...I record into Squadcast, and I want to make sure the raw file that comes out is workable!

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    I highly recommend you go to your local music store for an opinion. You know, the place where locals buy musical instruments, those guys are pros at understanding sound an often cater to podcasters as well. I'm sure they can guide you, mine did and I bought an audio technica that I really like. I was even able to rent it beforehand cheaply to see how well it worked for me.

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      And some stores might even allow you to test it out and compare to others. At the very least the expert advice helps a lot.

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    It sounds to me like something easily remedied with a bit of EQ. Rode make awesome stuff, I can't imagine the mic is bad.