May 21, 2019

Should I have iOS and Android devs on payroll

Krishnan @krishnan_ubuntu

I run a startup full time in bootstrapped mood. Its a SAAS product and we have one iOS and one Android developer on payroll. The dev on the app has come close to stagnant.

I feel that we are spending more money on both the devs.

Will it be a good idea to let them go and use freelancers for any future changes or bug fixes. The intention is to reduce burn rate in the short term.

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    If there is no work to be done, then it might be wise to let them go. The problem with freelancers is the time it takes them to get up to speed with your app/tech. Perhaps you can keep the devs on board part time, or pay them a retainer to keep helping you on a part time basis? I know I wouldn't like to be stuck with tech work need to be done/fixed and not having someone reliable to allocate work to.

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    Unless you need something like advanced features that are only available natively like running some intensive cpu program like a game then there’s no real benefit to you to have 2 native applications. Checkout flutter, Xamarin, or react native !

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      My app is already on the play store and app store.

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    I think to hire freelancer is the best way to go forward, then you have to pay to developers only when they are working only , so it can be savings for your amount too.

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    Hi Krishnan, would you consider remote developer services? My email is [email protected] if you'd like to chat.



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      HI Adrian, yes I will reach out to you.