Should I learn CSS before bootstrap or can I jump right into bootstrap?

Hello, I'm a professional Angular 8+ and java Spring dev, but unfortunately, I have almost no experience with html and css. We're always handed the ui by the webmasters, and then we bring it to life. I know the basics of html, but css I am close to clueless in.

Right now, I'm trying to get my app off the ground, and I want to ask - can I just dive right into bootstrap, or should I take the time to learn css and html, and then transition to bootstrap? Ideally, I'd like to get an mvp up and running ASAP - but I'd really like to hear some other devs thoughts and wisdom on this.


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    I think a crash course of 1 hour might be enough for you to learn HTML and CSS.

    After that it depends how much custom stuff you want to have in your web app, if out of the box bootstrap is good enough for you, you don’t have to know CSS at all.

    But I wouldn’t see learning html and css as a waste of time though. ;)

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    I would suggest you Tailwind CSS, it has more flexibility than Bootstrap.

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      I second this.

      Tailwind will save more time than bootstrap and other css frameworks. Additionally if you want to save more time consider buying their tailwindcomponents for most usecases.

      Mastering CSS is not the most important factor in your project, jump right into the project. You can even offshore the style part to someone and get that thing done quickly.

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    Learn the basics of CSS first, then jump into Bootstrap to build things faster. You can go always go back to fill any gaps in your knowledge of CSS as you go along

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    You should find a course on CSS basics and then get right into utility-first frameworks like:

    • tachyons
    • tailwind
    • atomic CSS
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    My opinion and my path has been.

    • learn CSS and SASS.
    • Used Bulma for quick building. ( regretted it )
    • Move on to Tailwind CSS
    • Enjoy life.

    Before you move to Tailwind you need to know at least the base of CSS.

    Btw, you won't learn CSS in one hour, that's bullcrap, you won't even get a grasp.
    CSS is a wide subject, and is better to be good at it than, just the basic.

    You will recognize a website that's being built by someone that knows at CSS.

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      Yes CSS is more complicated than it looks, It is easy to learn but hard to master . I have started learning Tailwind CSS and I absolutely love it. My First first small template - https://play.tailwindcss.com/Yh7sEUWvTe?layout=horizontal
      Tailwind actually a gift. Hope it gets more main stream in Future and used in place of Bootstrap.

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        I hope so too mate, I sell Tailwind templates here too.


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          Hope you grow big mate and grow this platform and I get chance to sell my Templates there.

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            Oh, thank you, but is going to be just me working on that.

            I once looked for a cofunder and didn't work.

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              Yes Bro It is a hard path. To be honest I actually love designing stuff so currently I am learning UI Design. Actually I am currently trying to build some audience. Building - https://landing-inspiration.vercel.app/ with Contentful API. I can build some Tailwind templates and provide it to you. We can share revenue.
              If it sounds good drop me an email - [email protected]

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                Good initiative.

                But as I mentioned, I am going solo.

                Thank you.

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                  Oh I misinterpreted that. Thank you !

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                    No worries mate. Feel free to connect anytime though!

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    CSS is easy, you could have learned half of what you need to know in the time it took you to write this post.

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    Agreed with the rest spend an hour learning basic CSS and then hop into bootstrap or tailwindcss

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    I tried relying on component frameworks without having a good foundation in css ... it turned into a nightmare. I should have just started with CSS, it would have saved time in the long run.

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    If you care more about getting your app off the ground than learning then I'd say just dive in to using Bootstrap and try to just use the Bootstrap SASS variables for any customizations (for things like global font, button padding, etc). If you really need to apply some custom style then that's an opportunity to take a break and learn a little bit of CSS. You can also check out the Bootstrap source for (or inspect element) to learn from how Bootstrap does it.

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    You should learn CSS while bootstrapping, you will need to do the same for a lot of things, marketing, sales, customer success, business, security, etc...

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    I would second @TopNotch98 watch a 1 hour tutorial on basics of html and css and then dive into bootstrap. You may could also take a look at tailwind you still need only basic html and css but have much more power over how the websites looks.

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