April 25, 2019

Should I learn to code?


I have many ideas aimed where I solve a problem in certain niches. The language that I would like to learn is PHP and javascript since they are the tools with which I could build everything pointed out. The problem is I try several times to get into it but I fail again and again because it seems difficult and slow learning

I also thought about looking for a technological partner but it is difficult at an early stage since I do not have any resources to give it value.

What advice can you give to a hacker something lost? Should I take this road so hard that it seems I code? The truth is that I do not know where to throw, because coding does not give me more, but I like to build things.


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    Have you any experiences in marketing? If yes we can make a partnership. I build the software using PHP, JS , etc .. and you do marketing.

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      This is gold. Take it or leave it, @Sergiblue.

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        we are talking and we may do something interesting :)

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          Great to know. Go....for....it!

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      I have experience in marketing but I'm not a professional, so I do not know how far I can go to add value. I have a more strategic profile, I am good at merging web concepts and apply them to a specific niche. We can try it if you want and tell me what you think. Also i use facebook ads,html,css,bootstrap and some php.

      I'd like to know what you think :)

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            Thanks, I have already sent you an email, so you can remove your address if you want to.

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    It's worth it, and also not that difficult as it may seem at the beginning. Since your only available resource at the moment is time, you don't really have much choice anyway (if you want to build stuff online).

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      Yes, every time I point more to automated online products

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    I just want to point out simple truth. Programming is difficult, slow process for most of us as well. Rewards are amazing.

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    Depends what you're building - You'll find that you can build tons of stuff without code (see nocode.tech)! Even the tools available this year blow away what was available last year in terms of building without code!

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      I've been thinking about making a landing page with all the prototypes of my ideas in case someone is interested in giving it life and thus have a partner.

      Should I publish it and share it in indiehackers?

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        Sounds like a good idea to me!!

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    Honestly, it's going to open up a world of possibilities when you are able to actually execute your idea without the need for others. I'm a photographer and designer that taught myself early on to appeal towards a higher paying job. 4 years in and I'm very happy to have the ability to do what I do. Do I like it as a job? No, but I'm only in it until I can pay off debt. After that, I'm full-time freelancing and finally developing some of my ideas :)

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    It certainly wouldn't hurt. But I, for example, can't code and I won't learn it. Just hire or partner up with a programmer. You don't have to be a programmer to create a software business.

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      What I think is that when you want to make some change you will have to pay and that is a problem: /

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        If you're a serious entrepreneur, you have to rely on other people and have them work for you.

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          Yes, I believe I am and have good values ​​towards clients. But it is also difficult in this case to find people to play long-term games

          I agree with what you say

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