April 14, 2019

Should I make this? Analytics for Bloggers and Content Marketing people

Siddhesh @sid24rane

Hello guys,

GA is too complicated and contains ton lot of features which people hardly use. It's quite a generalized analytics package.
So I thought, why not make a solution tailored only towards bloggers with the features that matters them the most.

Blogger Analytics : Analytics solution specifically for Bloggers and Content Marketing people.📊📈

Few features It would have :🔥

  • Article views
  • Avg time spent reading
  • Reads - no of people read the article fully
  • Read ratio - Views/reads
  • Returning Readers a.k.a fans - their location, device, timing
  • Popular time of reading
  • Readers interests
  • Section of article read the most
  • Search keywords
  • Top articles and new article topic recommendations
  • Insights about what readers like/dislike
  • Realtime readers data

My question to you guys is :🙋‍♂🙋

Would you use it in your blogs?
If not, why?
Also, any other features would you like it to have to make it more useful?

Appreciate your feedback. 🙌

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    Nope. In today reality tracking users with Google Analytics, or any other is disrespecting your visitors. It depends what product you have, but it shifts in the direction there companies remove all analytics altogether or just self-hosted solutions with minimum data collection.

    And again, it depends on your product. I would still go with Piwik/Matomo, instead of any other solution.

    Anyways, don't listen to me and decide for yourself. You may want to make it like Ghost blog platform. Make self-hosting version free and paid one, if they want you to host it and setup easily.

    Google Analytics is not that hard and complicated in reality. And most of the simple users just want to know how much users visit their websites and what are the traffic sources.

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    Well, if your persona is using wordpress (which is probably the case because it's easy to use), they are many plugin that doing that (jetpack...). But you can build your own plugin, there are enough space in the WP world ;)

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