Should I pivot or wind my app down?

My wife and I started our consulting business, Salple, 3 years ago, helping companies to build culture codes that connect key behaviours to strategic goals.

As well as being a consultant, I’m also a developer, so I developed an app to go with the consulting which helps keep the culture code alive. We’ve deployed it with a couple of customers, but the feature set is not yet “minimum loveable” and we are now trying to decide whether to pivot/keep building out the feature set or wind the product down.
What I’d like to hear from other self-funded founders is… Is it realistic to build a SAAS software arm to our company as a bootstrapper giving our specific (ie: limited) resources and time constraints or is the scope of activity required to make it viable too large?

I’d love the chance to 1 on 1 with a few SAAS founders who are a bit further down the track than us. @asmartbear @alexhillman @lynnetye @csallen

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    You open to hearing some tough love, Glenn? 😃

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    Lots of nuance here but having tried to do both with similar resources, couldn’t make it work.

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