April 23, 2019

Should i pursuit an idea i can't find too much validation for ?

Marvin Oßwald @marv

I'm wondering if I should pursuit my saas idea, topic is kubernetes automation: https://tillerman.io/. I could use this product with one of my customers right now, so i've build a landing page and made a post on the kubernetes reddit, but i've only found one person interested enough to signup for my beta release notification. Is one person enough ? I'm worried if, in a niche of 30.000 people connected to the matter enough to sub to that reddit, i can't get more validation then 1 person i'm not on the right path. Did anyone had just one validation ? How did it work out ? Cheers.

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      Not OP, but found that very interesting! Thanks for taking the time to describe your point of view. Makes a lot of sense.

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      Thank you so much for your answer.

      I absolutely get your point about how CTO's get hunted for their attention, which is why i wouldn't do a cold mailing just to try and reach a mass of people hoping one isn't annoyed enough to actually read and answer my mail.

      Now to my product, thank you very much for your evaluation of my landing page and the product itself.

      I think i've identified the following concerns on your side:


      Is it stable enough?
      No, simply because no one ever used it. I'm trying to find Beta Testers with this landing page. It will only get stable as I can actually improve on real runtime metrics / logs.

      And do i thereby have a risk of my clusters stability?
      No, because I'm aware of risks involved anything infrastructure it's designed to only work passively in the beginning merely reporting to someone what it would have done to the cluster.

      And only if these reports look good one should actually arm it, this is a security and trust building measure. Every kubernetes cluster, i came across yet, has some quirks. A human check before actually trusting a automation seems just logical.

      Is it worth it?

      • From a infrastructure point of view:
        Yes, it is nearly impossible to actually adjust requests and limits perfectly for every given pod. but only that way one can assure that nodes are used evenly and not under or over.

      • From a monetary point of view:
        Yes, by how much depends on how bad your pods are adjusted right now if it's on a per namespace level - probably the cost of one of your nodes.

      • wrongly judged pods (requests and limits) can lead to downtime (Tl;dr).

      • Adjusting every Controller on it's own is a tedious and time consuming job for any human also gets costly as these values need to be reevaluated on a repeating basis.

      • to conservative judged pods can lead to too many Nodes or the wrong kind of nodes beeing used.

      To be frank there is absolutely money to save if you respect your devops guys salary but the saving on your direct infrastructure cost really depend on how bad your setup is right now and need to be proved with beta testers.


      Does it improve pod distribution directly?
      No, as Tillerman doesn't want to intervene there. But because as an result of tillerman working for you your pods requests and limits are as close to there real usage as possible which makes as good decision on which node to put it on possible.

      Is it compatible with Managed Kubernetes Clusters XY?
      Yes, it's working on a Kubernetes API level so it doesn't matter if your cluster runs here: GKE, AWS(private cloud), AWS EKS(managed master), on premise or Digitalocean.

      It will run !

      You are very much right about my landing page not representing this ! Goes to show that i'm an engineer at heart not a sales person which is something i need to improve on.

      I'll try and talk to more people directly, cheers mate !

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      What would grab a C-level exec's attention? I tried directly cold emailing with as much research as Google affords me and indirectly comment on LinkedIn posts. I am also asking my network for referrals. I know I've yet to exhaust my methods.

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          Hey Jason, thank you for taking the time to reply. I do believe in being genuine but I do need to get the person on the other end to click before he or she can see that. I'll start trying to make some of these happen.