April 25, 2019

Should I Ship with Python and Django?

Steve @HypeCrux

Hey IH! I have a pretty robust SaaS project that I am trying to get off the ground. I am non-technical.

The project: A real-time, hyper-collaborative environment with social abilities (network Effects).

-One tool example: An Infinite Canvas for user workspace
-Drag and drop elements onto canvas(icons, text, images, videos etc.)
-Elements can be scaled to any size.
-Multiple tools that a primary user can use themselves or invite other users to use on their behalf.(Email CLient, A Phone Sales tool)
-Live Chat

Example of the Canvas Tool:


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    Django is a solid, mature, well supported, well documented framework, which has a great community. If Django is what you're comfortable with, go for it!

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      Thanks a lot. If something​ goes wrong ill blame you...jk lol. I appreciate the feedback

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        Happy to be held accountable.

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    Hi Steve, we are using Django in our project:

    Django is a pretty solid backend option that powers thousands of successful products, but reading features in your post, those are more in the 'front' side of the equation.

    Using pure Django and its templating system, is difficult to create very dynamic apps, that's why people usually combines Django backend (REST Framework) with some kind of frontend Framework like Angular, React, etc., which adds a complexity layer.

    Our reason to go with Django is that we were already proficient in Python and it solves certain things quite well (authentication, etc...).

    So it depends on your dev team and their skills. Our personal recommendation is letting them use whatever they feel more comfortable with and you will probably save a lot of time building the product.

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      OK, Thanks a ton. A better picture is being painted here and A build strategy​y is starting to develop​​e for me now.

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    Are you asking if you should build this using Django or is it already built? I ask because I am not sure what you mean by "pretty robust SaaS project", because that makes it sound like it has already been built.

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      It has not been built as of yet. I am speaking with devlopers and the runiing theme is that it would be an extensive project to develop. I guess at the core of this is- am I on the right path in terms of frameworks?

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        Yeah, it definitely looks like it would require extensive development.

        I will respond to your question in two ways:

        1. Could you use Django to build it? Yes.
        2. Should you use it? Depends on the proficiency of the dev(s) building it. If Django is something that they are most comfortable with, then that's the best tool. If they are more comfortable with something else, roll with that.
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          Awesome. appreciate​ the feedback!