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Should I spin this out?


While working on HackerIntro, I deal a lot with emails. Being somewhat of a perfectionist, I am obsessed with getting emails to look better and more consistent across email clients and platforms.

I've used services provided by incumbents (like Email on Acid), but I am never satisfied with their functionality, vision of the product, and price.

So, I've kept building my own preview/analysis solution, and it can reach a point soon where I can share it with others.

My question to you: do you test your emails in different clients, and if you pay for that, are you getting enough value for your money with whatever you're using?

(Any additional details will earn extra gratitude from me :)

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    hey Yuri. As an email developer, I can tell you there's a need. There are a lot of players out there, and that's a good thing.

    How did you build your tool? Are you using real devices or are you testing the emails on virtual machines with different iPhone and android versions installed?

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