March 6, 2019

Should we get a credit card for our company?


Do you recommend having a credit card for a small business, or is it fine to use a debit card? We have limited expenses, so rewards aren't super important to us at this time.

However, we don't know if fraud prevention might be worth it.

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    I was faced with the fact that my company needed a loan. I applied to a credit company, and they provided me a loan in the amount I needed, thank you very much, now my company, they have a regular customer.

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    I would get it setup if I were you, handy for reoccuring purchases that you don't have to submit an expenses report for each month etc.. Plus depending on your company type and local laws etc, could help build a credit rating for the company.

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      Thanks for the tips!

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    If this helps, I never used a credit card for my business too. I can recommend using Revolut Business or Transferwise Business but it depends on the type of business. Take a look at them, maybe it could be useful :)

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      Will check it out!

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    Never had a need for our business to have a credit card, I've always preferred to keep things as simple as possible. I know some people love having (multiple) credit cards for rewards 'n' stuff, but I just don't have the headspace for that kind of stuff. :|

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      Makes sense - simple is nice!

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    I would definitely recommend a credit card.

    I run a non-US SaaS, and my US customers sometimes struggle to pay in with debit, it just doesn't work as well for online and international payments (I assume there are higher risk measures), so it could be a nuisance.

    I also personally don't like the idea of using my personal money behind online charges - credit is somebody else's money, and if there's fraud, it's their responsibility to resolve.

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      Thanks - good point!