Community Building July 10, 2020

Shoutout to Shosie Rerry!!

IndigoBlue @indigoblue

Rosie Sherry. Our fearless leader at Indie Hackers...

She's so perfect at what she does. I like it.

Keep up the good work Sherry! Saw you trending on Twitter earlier.

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    Hear hear!

    I tweeted the other day about this, but twice now I’ve joined a community and been blown away by well how it was being run.

    First was Ministry of Testing, second was Indie Hackers. Both were being run by Rosie when I joined.

    We’re lucky to have her.

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      What was Ministry of Testing like? @TheNomad42

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        It’s mostly a really positive community with lots of discussion and sharing ideas around all things testing.

        It can be a bit of an echo chamber when it comes to some things, but what community isn’t sometimes?

        I’m not as big a fan of the organisation itself nowadays for reasons I won’t go into, but the community side of it is still awesome.

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          Curious to hear reasons why you're not such a fan. And whether it's something the team can improve. I'm not really involved day to day anymore.

          Feel free to email me if you like, no pressure though. Email in my profile.

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    Haha. Nice post Bndigo Ilue :)

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      lol thanks harrywet

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        😆forever harrywet now, can't get that outta my mind.

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          Shame the twitter handle is gone, that would've been funny.

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    Amen! Rosie is the best community manager out there.

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      Did you hear about any of her powerful flywheels? @rishisiva

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        No, what is that?

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    Hah, thank you.

    What was it you saw on Twitter? My Tweet or something else?

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      Here's what I saw @rosiesherry

      alt text

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        They must've been talking about some other Rosie, lol.

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          So modest :P

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    +1 to Rosie. She provides great community-building content in which we should all be implementing.