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Show IH: 250+ growth marketing tactics database 🔥

Kacper @kacper

Hey IH,

After joining Indie Hackers a long time ago, I'm delighted to finally launch my first side-project! It's called Scrapbook.

A little backstory: around 3 years ago I read Brian Balfour's article on becoming a customer acquisition expert (for those of you who don't know - he's a super smart growth guy and ex VP Growth at HubSpot), in which he recommended keeping a scrapbook:
brian balfour's scrapbook quote
(btw this article is already a couple years old and there are way better tools than Evernote for this purpose)

Brian's smart. I wanted to be like him ;) So I decided to start building my own collection of tactics.

In my daily Growth Marketer role, whenever I tested or found a tactic that could be used again in the future, I put it in my scrapbook, categorized, and described it. Over time, I collected over 250 quality tactics for every step of the funnel.
growth marketing tactics database

Now I'm sharing it with you as I'm convinced it will help any marketer or maker fill their idea backlog and generate more revenue for their business.

What's the problem with other tactics lists? Literally all other lists I've found on the Internet are either super basic or make it hard to find what you're looking for.

In Scrapbook, you won't find obvious tactic ideas like 'run Facebook ads' or 'launch on Product Hunt'. You can also filter them by funnel step, tag, or if they require budget or not.

Tools I used to build it: Carrd for the landing page, Gumroad for payments, Airtable as the database.

I'd appreciate any feedback from you 🙏

Kacper, maker of

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    Bought! Very very useful list. Buy this guys :)

    1. 1

      Really appreciate it, Robin! 🙏

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    Interesting concept and I like the approach you have taken with the tech stack. No-code and straight to market. Personally not a fan of the colour scheme of the landing page. I suggest looking for some articles on colours and conversion rates and find the optimal colour scheme to convert for your target market.

    1. 2

      Thanks for checking it out!
      I've never come across an article that touched on the impact of a webpage's color on conversion rate, so I guess it's mostly a matter of personal preference ;)

        1. 2

          Color psychology can definitely give you some useful guidelines.

          But when I read something like this (from your first link): 'Performable changed the color of a Call-To-Action (CTA) button from green to red, resulting in a 21% increase in conversions.' I immediately close the tab 😁

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    This looks interesting and useful. Let me try it.

    BTW, how many copies you sold till date?

    1. 1

      Thanks! Over 200 now.

      1. 1

        Why just 200+?
        I thought it would be 2000+
        Looks like you not using the strategies from your own scrapbook.

        What are the constraints you are seeing to sale 2K+ copies. I may help as It is a good product for every indie hacker. You are in a huge market. Thanks.

        1. 1

          I have other things going on so considering how much I spend on it it's pretty good after all ;)

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            oh! OK

            BTW, just curious, why you launched this product then? Just for $10K+ revenue?

            Is it profitable considering the efforts to create/promote the product.

            1. 1

              Oh definitely. My costs are < $30/month and creating it was very satisfying. Not to mention customers' feedback.

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    Your scrapbook database is awesome. I'm also researching ways to build a database resource for entrepreneurs for my website ( and couldn't find a viable way to do it via either Webflow or Bubble. So glad I came across your post to know about Airtable. Thanks for sharing.

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      Cool, I'm sure you'll like Airtable!

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    I do something similar across many topics. To see that you've turned it into a product and to know that you're successfully selling it is incredibly inspiring. I love it.

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    This list looks great. The price seems a little high for just a list - at least for me, but I am not running a fully fledge SaaS, so I may not be the target market.

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    This is fantastic @kacper would love to get connected and exchange ideas among growth marketing. On LinkedIn?

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    Great work! As someone who keeps a Swiped File on marketing materials and strategies, your product is a steal.

    I'm working to help launch two products this coming months and your product will hep us improve our funnel strategies.

    Will be checking it out more later and will be sharing it to my team. :)

    1. 1

      Thank you ;)
      I'll be happy to hear about the results you'll get!

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        Hi @kacper, I've been trying to purchase Scrapbook since yesterday. I just tried purchasing it right now but it doesn't go through.

        On my end, it always says "There is a temporary problem, please try again (your card was not charge)."

        1. 1

          Isa, I'm reaching out to Gumroad's support right now and will let you know as soon as the issue's solved!

          1. 1

            Same here, mastercard from Payoneer

            1. 1

              Hey Adil, the problem is that Gumroad's payment processor is Stripe, which is blocking purchases from some countries (even though they claim to work worldwide).

              Please try either selecting PayPal as the payment option or use a VPN to pay with a card. Email me if this doesn't work and I'll do my best to find another solution ;)

              1. 1

                Yeah stripe is not available in the country my card's billing is on, there may be other eco-political reasons, I'll try VPN. You might wana look into accepting btc / altcoin gateways ;)

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    Cha-ching! I purchased this today :) Excited to check it out soon. Why did you choose to make it a database versus course or ebook or paid newsletter?

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      Thanks, Temirlan 🙏

      Good question. I believe that a database like this is the best way to get as much value as possible out of it in the shortest amount of time. These are ideas that can be put into your idea backlog right away and thanks to this form, you can quickly find what you need.

      A course would be a good fit if I wanted to e.g. talk about growth strategy in general, which is a rather complex topic. Also, I'm not good at explaining stuff ;)

      I'm not a fan of ebooks myself, so didn't even think of this form.

      A paid newsletter might be a great solution if I wanted to just sell as many subscriptions as possible. But I wouldn't feel good knowing that I can provide more value and still decide to split it into let's say only a couple of tactics a week/month.

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    Very cool @Kacper, love to see how you stitched a few no-code tools and made a working product. Inspiring!

    1. 1

      Thanks! Yup, it's a great stack if you want to keep it simple.

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    Great "swipe file" concept. Keep it up man!

  12. 1

    Thanks Kacper, just purchased

    1. 1

      Thanks a lot Len! I hope you'll like it ;)

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    Love it! I've been keeping my own scrapbook(s) too but they're far from as organized as your version (read: 3 Trello boards, 27 Google Drive folders, and 9123 screenshots on my old phone :D).

    I'll definitely check it out and I'll let you know if I'm putting any of these into practice. Good luck!

    1. 1

      Thanks, Hans ;)
      I used to keep everything in screenshot form too but then fell in love with Airtable so it was an easy decision to move everything there. Took a while but was definitely worth it ;)

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    This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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