May 14, 2019

Show IH: A Google Sheet To Analyze The Distribution Of Your Customer's Stripe Transactions Within A Month

Karim El Kaddioui @Kream

Hi IH,

3 months ago a B2C customer was struggling with increased Customer Service tickets and decreasing Sales. So, I did an extensive analysis of the distribution of the different Stripe transaction statuses within a month to identify when a refund or failed transaction was more likely to occur. (Time of month analysis or TOM)

I realised that most of the failed transactions or requests for refunds were occurring in week 3 & 4 of the month and thus I advised him to move his launches and marketing push to the end of week 4/ beginning of week 1.
This allowed him to acquire his customers at a time of the month where they were more likely to have the funds for his products and for later payment installments.

In the link below you can find a google sheet version of that analysis, it's super easy to use!

Hope it helps, let me know if you have any feedback in the comments!

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    Hey Karim, that sounds pretty cool, but I was hoping to see some example data. Without that it's hard to understand what's going on.

    1. 1

      Hi Felix, thanks a lot for the feedback!
      I added some test data in the sheet so the Overview is filled out and you can get some insights already.
      Please let me know if some things are unclear!