April 8, 2019

Show IH: ApiSheet convert your csv files into an API.


Hello fellow Indie Hackers,

I am computer engineer who recently graduated from college. During my time in college I have attended many hackathons and hiring challenges.
I had frequently encountered the task of parsing a CSV file and uploading the data to a database.
Having done this a few times I thought of automating it and thus apisheet.com was born.

As of now it is simple MVP that let's you upload a CSV file and it generates an API endpoint to which you can send HTTP requests (as of now only GET and DELETE requests) to query data.

I thought it would be useful to my future hackathons and technical challenges and I hope it will help some of you as well.

I would like to know if the product has any real world use.

I am looking for any kind of advice to make this app better and any suggestion to make it into a viable product.

The site itself has a feedback form which you can use to send me some feedback or if you prefer you can comment here as well.

Any help and advice is appreciated.

Thank you,


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    Have you seen json-server? It is basically the same as your product, just that it is open source.

    Also, in the hackathons, the file sizes of data I have personally worked on were much higher (e.g. 100mb), so I'd still need to write a tool to import data as your app has low limits.

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      json-server it great ...But you have to use json which has to be in a certain format from what I can remember.... here you don't need to worry about that just upload the CSV file and the endpoint is created for you .. all you have to do is create API key and secret pair....plus you can use for multiple projects...

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      This is just an MVP I will increase the file size limit if it gets some traction...

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    I like the idea - but you can do this with google docs? Doesnt mean there isnt a market for it

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      Thanks for the feedback. I thought about that too....but why waste time dealing with google docs documentation when all you need it two clicks of a button and you have a working endpoint..
      Furthermore, if this gets traction I will add more features like pagination, search etc....and anything else you suggest ...

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