March 26, 2019

Show IH: Arengu - Easily build and optimize your sign-up process

Jacobo Vidal @jacobovidal

Hello, this is Jacobo, cofounder @ Arengu.

We are launching Arengu to help other SaaS to easily build and optimize their sign-up process without dealing with complex integrations or wasting valuable development resources.

We are still in public beta and improving our platform before we our final release, so I would really appreciate any kind of feedback.

I am available if you guys have further questions, want to know more information or just want to say hi.

Thank you for your help!


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    I really, really like the design. Will need to build the same approach for documentation page too.

    Question: will you allow to sign-up with Facebook?

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      Hello Yuriy,

      Thank you very much for your feedback. We are still working on documentation design, hope to be finished in the following days.

      Regarding your question, yes in 2-3 weeks we will support sign-on providers like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc

      In case you have further questions do not doubt to contact me back :)

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        Jacob, lets have a call when FB integration is ready

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          sure :)

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    Is it form builder?

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      Hello Iftekher,

      Thanks for your message.

      Actually Arengu is not just a form builder, with our technology we can cover the technical part of user onboarding: sign-up forms and automations.

      None of the existing form builders (JotForm, Wufoo, Formstack, etc) can actually cover a sign-up process. I mean, if you use any of those apps they can send data to any backend using webhooks or if you need further flexibility you combine them with Zapier, Integromat, etc but this is a one-way communication flow, this means you can't create custom validations with 3rd party services, you can't actually authenticate the user and redirect them to a private area, you can't use sign-on providers, etc

      Using Arengu you can build or optimize the whole sign-up process creating your form with a bunch of specific features (social login, multi-step, custom validations, payments, dynamic redirects, etc) connected to your backend (two-way communication flows) and easy embeddable in any page with just a line of code. This is specially useful for marketing teams to embed sign-up forms directly on landing pages to optimize the conversion funnel. Apart from this, you can create onboarding flows like when someone sign up send a welcome email, enrich data with Clearbit, send a Slack notification to VP of sales or Account Manager based on company size, subscribe the user to a MailChimp list based on his role (marketing or dev), etc all of this without a single line of code. If you find form builders that can cover this please, let me know.

      In case you still have question, please do not doubt to ask me again :)

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    Which problem are you trying to solve?

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      Hello Zencentric,

      Thank you for your message.

      When you start a new digital business there is always a bunch of features around your core app that has to be done like the sign-up form/page, welcome emails, Slack notifications, custom validations, subscribing the user to your MailChimp list, etc

      The point of Arengu is to help cover all that sign-up process without dealing with complex integrations or wasting lot of time development non-core features. We allow non-tech users to "make magic" and for developers, we save time and resources.

      We can actually connect our sign-up forms to anything that has an API and also cover more uses cases like a sign-up flow with online payments/subscriptions, SMS/Email/Identity verification, multi-step forms with custom validations between steps, etc with a drag & drop builder. Basically we can do two-way communication between our forms and 3rd party services to easily create custom flows in a visual way (no/low coding). Once you create that sign-up flow you can embed your form to any page with just a line of code. This is specially useful for marketing teams to embed sign-up forms directly on landing pages to optimize the conversion funnel and, in case you need to make changes, you can do directly in our platform without having to touch source code.

      Hope this clarify your questions, in any case, I am glad to answer further questions you might have.


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        Thanks for the explanation. You need to add them to your pages and give some use cases else it's pretty vague.
        Good luck!