April 2, 2019

Show IH : Arengu - Sign-up forms made easy

Jacobo Vidal @jacobovidal

Hello, this is Jacobo, cofounder @ Arengu.

We are launching Arengu to help other SaaS to easily build and optimize their sign-up forms without dealing with complex integrations or wasting valuable development resources.


We are still in public beta and improving our platform before we our final release, so I would really appreciate any kind of feedback, particularly regarding this questions:

  • Is the concept of what we do clear ?
  • What's your role (marketing, developer, etc) ?

I will reward those who provide feedback with discounts and temporal free licenses once we enable billing plan.

Thank you for your help!

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    @jacobovidal, congratulations on building your product.

    Quick question:
    How different is your product from other solutions like Otka, Firebase or Auth0?

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    All I know is you provide easy to sign-up form and nothing more. I don't know how it works and how I can be benefited. Do you help site owners to quickly come up with a form that includes OAuth2 integration easy sign-up in that sense?
    I am a developer and trying to see if it adds value to my work.

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    Hey @jacobovidal nice work. My role is a Marketing Specialist and I have to say that the concept is, in fact, a bit unclear for me. I guess you'd have to state that it is a signup page builder somewhere in the top section of the page.

    Also, regarding your copy, I'd unify the CTAs and make them contrast with the rest of the visuals. When it comes to learn more and explore buttons I suggest you turn them into text links, so they don't play the role of the main CTA.

    You can think about changing your H1 to something that tells the visitor what your tool actually does or to include that information in the description below. (btw. you repeat the h1 statement in the "Why use Arengu" paragraph).

    Lastly, a video or an animation of how such a sign-up form + flow helps a business get more leads/trials/customers would be a nice add-on!

    Good luck!

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    Hey @jacobovidal,

    I'm a bit unclear on what the concept is. Perhaps, an automated demo or a concise video could help deliver the point.

    Whenever I see sign up forms in general, I look for comments/logos/guarantees that my login information is secure. I suggest you emphasize security.

    In case you want feedback from additional potential users, I suggest you join @fvarela 's feedback exchange list. https://forms.gle/vfnB2K1Qymsx6GkB9

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