Show IH: Bitcoin Box - Everything you need to get, store, sell, and use Bitcoin confidently.


Hey Everyone,

When I first heard about Bitcoin in 2011, I was confused to say the least. So much so that I missed the boat early on. A few years later, I took a hard look, read the white paper, found the right people, waded through the bullshit, and fell down the proverbial Bitcoin "rabbit hole."

I don't want other people to miss the boat, and so I created the product I wish I had to help me get from 0 to 1.

It's called Bitcoin Box - a package with a guide to help you learn the basics, $100 worth of Bitcoin, a hardware wallet to keep your Bitcoin safe, curated resources, a community, and support (so you can actually speak to a human if you have questions or need to make sure you are doing things correctly) -- because we're talking about money here.

I'm still validating this idea because while I had this pain point, it doesn't mean others do. I plan to roll this out as a SaaP-Wrap Strategy: Service as a Product, that I can wrap in a product post-launch.

Indie Hackers, can you share your thoughts on the idea or landing page?



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    Pretty sweet 🙏

    I have been in exactly the same situation as you (bit later on, in 2016 or so) and only early 2018 took the time to dive in (now a recent grad of Udacity's Blockchain Developer Nanodegree; progress made).

    I think there is most definitely a need for non-techies (and even techies that just have a hard time grasping DLT and cryptocurrencies) to have access to a kind of "walk-through" or smoothed in introduction to the field where they get taken by the hand, so I think you are absolutely onto something here. Also, you seem to cover most bases (as you should with a starter box) where we are not only talking about getting a good grasp of the concept but also for example getting the hardware (and the guidance on it; very important for many that use hardware wallet for the first time).

    The only thing I'd find important is probably your credentials. Is this person that is going to provide me with this information himself an expert in the field, or is this a regular Joe trying to ride the hype train?

    Maybe what I would also add - but this is something you can get a feel for when talking to your customers - is there a desire for limited packages as well (such as only the understanding of blockchain technology and bitcoin + setting up a wallet) and do I want to offer those as well? Maybe that is not even interesting to you or them and you just want to provide the whole package but might be something to keep an eye on.

    Anyhow. Great idea I think. Hope you can figure it out and make it to something awesome because as @NoGoodDayUnused already said, there is definitely a need for many to guide others into the field.

    All the best Jake 🤙


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      And just to add: landingpage looks clean. It's very clear what you are providing and should definitely be able to function as a great MVP to test the demand.

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    Beautiful. Just Beautiful. You're making the technology more accessible to millions globally. This is brilliant. I would suggest other price points, with less or more features / benefits. If your target market is Global (and I suggest it is), then I would be sensitive about affordability. And as always, make sure you have a disclaimer that you are not liable for any investments they make, and that they use this product with that full understanding. Caveat emptor. Let the buyer beware.

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      Thanks for the feedback!

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