April 24, 2019

Show IH: BuildYourSideProject.com Challenge + 39 Profitable Side Project Interviews


Hey Indie Hackers, I wanted to challenge myself to get a project I've been mulling over out the door, and thought other Indie Hackers would benefit from a side project challenge as well. Visit http://www.buildyoursideproject.com to join. I'm giving away my ebook (www.sideprojectbook.com - $49) to anyone who signs up for the challenge before April 30, 2019. It's an ebook consisting of interviews with profitable side project creators such as Patrick McKenzie and Rob Walling.

  1. 2

    What sort of project are you building?

    Signed up and look forward to the updates :)

    1. 1

      Awesome! I'm working on a course.

      1. 1

        Nice. If you need a second pair of eyes/tester let me know.

        I'm about to launch a what was going to be side project turned full time project soon. So I can apply the learnings and give you feedback in close to real time.