Landing Page Feedback March 22, 2019

Show IH: Calmdoor - Discover calm companies

Javier Carceller @javiercarceller

Hi all,

Excited to show you the MVP of The story is that while looking for a job, I read "It doesn't have to be crazy at work" by the founders of Basecamp. The book is basically a calm company manifesto, how making successful businesses is not synonymous of chaos, long hours, anxiety and so on.

After interviewing with some companies, I realized that I can't know in advance if those companies adhere to the calm philosophy or not. I can check in, but ratings from 1 to 5, approval of CEO, together with reviews like "great culture", "amazing technology" and "awesome career development" are empty stats for what I am looking for.

So I created with the vision to fill the gap being able to find companies that are calm, great places to work for.

Right now I have a mailing list for people interested to see the list of companies, and a form for people to report companies that might fit the profile. I hope a bunch of IH sign up as beta users!

I am also really looking forward to hear your feedback about the landing, product or anything else. Thanks in advance!

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    Hey Javier this sounds great! It reminds me of which I just learnt this morning while listening the the latest podcast from IH, you should check it out it was a good one.

    All the best!

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      Thanks! Just checked their product and is gold! A lot of things to learn!

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    Seems like your biggest issue will be getting data. Also what I think is calm, you might think is crazy.

    You need some sort of empirical data that can be measured maybe? Good luck!

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      Thanks for the precise feedback. Agree in both points. I would like to hear more on your own definition of calm company!

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    The idea is terrific. It's really difficult to gauge how "crazy" a workplace is until you're already in it.

    I will say, though, that this product/brand (great domain pickup, btw!) begs for a calming, zen-like, well-designed landing page.

    Totally get that this your MVP (and if you're getting traction with a basic page, it validates the idea that much more), but a well-designed page is going to really push it over the top.

    Good luck! I'll be following

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      Thanks for your feedback regarding the design. It will come at some point! In the meanwhile I have other experiments in mind.

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    Cool idea. Great way to write about it as a cultural shift. I can see type of potential. Left you some visual feedback:

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      Thanks for your feedback in the link! It's pure gold! Learned a lot!

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    Finding jobs based on happiness. Liked the idea.

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      Hehe, what other KPI is more important than that!? ;)

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    Nice Idea! I'm exhausted by the email-harvesting-landing pages, so I hope that you add more to the site soon! Hope to see you back here on Indie Hackers!

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      Hehe, sorry about that, I didn't know how else measure that people are really interested! Would you be open to follow in Twitter for example to get updates about the product?

      I'll definitely be posting in IH too, so please follow me or the products to know what's happening!

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    Nice idea. I can see it being useful if enough companies are listed.

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      Hi Rosie, thanks for your feedback. I am compiling company data at the moment, so will get back to you as soon as you have something to see!

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    Thanks everyone for interacting with this post! I've got a few good ideas and a big dose of dopamine to keep trying things for this MVP. Here is the next step:

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