May 11, 2019

SHOW IH: Ceres - Build trust naturally with your users.

Peter Barry @Grend

TLDR; I think makers / companies have problems building trust with their users. I've created a Ship page to see if that's the case before trying to build anything. I'd love to know if you agree or disagree. 👉 👈

So too preface, I'm a product designer by trade. I've little to no hands on experience of code (outside of the obligatory HTML & CSS) and as cash as I can scrounge together from my job.

Earlier this year I encountered a problem; trying to get consistent (and timely) feedback from an existing user base. Both on the current product and potential changes we are looking to make in the future. The "simple" solution looked to be to build community of engaged users that we could then foster an on going relationship with. That's still a work in progress, but the whole exercise opened my eyes to the importance of community building when developing a product and the thought leadership developing around that space.

Delving further it became obvious most of it came down to trust. By that I mean to get the level of engagement that means your users will refer you, while spending their time actively trying to help you they need to trust that you can, and will continue to, solve their problems.

There's some problems though, they're either manual (running a forum), require a lot of time to support (intercom), involve building it on another platform (social media) or mean co-opting another tool to do the job (roadmaps on Trello).

So given that I'm thinking there must be a better way. A way for creators to be more transparent with their users, to share what they're doing and getting them to buy into what you're doing on a deeper level. Something more natural to the lifecycle of a product development and doesn't require an extra ordinary amount of time or effort to do.

That's where Ceres comes in, at the moment it's the seed of an idea based around this problem of building trust with users (check out my thoughts and the process so far on medium []).

Before I start building something I want to make sure I'm not crazy (and if I'm preaching transparency I may as well try it myself) so I've put together a PH Ship page to test it. 👉 👈

So thats why I'm here.

I'd love to know your take on this idea, wether its something you've encountered or think theres nothing to it?

Also if you think it has some legs I'd also appreciate knowing if you find the Ship page's messaging gets the idea across?

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