April 6, 2019

Show IH: Codiff, a new collaboration tool for developers.


The current productivity tools - Slack, Asana, Trello, Facebook Workplace, etc. - are all great, but they lack direct access to your code.
We have found that building one such tool directly around your code makes it much more powerful for software developers: CoDiff. https://codiff.com

The very foundation of CoDiff is having a live-view of your teammates’ local Git repositories. Already, this brings huge communication benefits that other productivity tools fundamentally cannot provide. Wherever you are working, you can essentially pull up a chair next to your coworker to see and discuss what they are working on. No more intrusive screen sharing sessions or insufficient snippets of code copied around.

This live code view foundation opens the door to a number of other productivity benefits. For example, Trello and Asana will let you know the task your teammates are working on, but not the particular files and lines of code they are modifying. CoDiff, being built around your code, does not have this limitation. CoDiff can notify you in real-time when you conflict with one of your teammates, which we have found greatly reduces the time spent in resolving merge conflicts, can help prevent duplicated work, and unobtrusively improves productivity.

In the future, CoDiff will integrate with your favorite editors and other productivity tools for even greater benefits. A few examples: get conflict notifications in your IDE, set statuses according to Trello task, and share links to live code snippets on Slack.

We currently have the first alpha build available on https://codiff.com. It’s completely free now and we would be extremely grateful for anyone to try it out. We never touch your git repository - no extra branches or commits - we are read only.
We are looking for feedback at this point to help shape the future of the product–on the idea, the app, the workflow, or new directions. Anything you can share would be extremely helpful!


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    Seems cool! Even though getting developers to change their workflow is kinda difficult I think your "notify developers as soon as they conflict" feature is pretty cool. Good work!

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    Interesting ideas:)

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    Your idea seems to me genial good potential I think. I haven't need use your apps i can not donate my opinion for utilisation and i try download doesn't start a error appear

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