SHOW IH: Create & Share self-guided walking routes in your city

Hey IH'ers,

We wanted to share with you our latest product: Roam Route Creator.
It helps people create self-guided walks in their city and share them with their friends, family, visitors...


We are currently supporting around 40+ cities but are adding more per request. We are hoping to grow the community of urban explorers, travelers and local that wish to share their favorite walks in their neighborhood.

Also here are a few self-guided, differently-themed walking tours in different neighborhoods of New York that we and our community started creating - complete with info, photos and tips for places along the way:


We would love to hear what you think!
How usable is the tool?
How can we grow community?
Which businesses could see benefit from this tool?
... Are we missing something?


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    I like the idea, and the execution itself is not too shabby either, well done.

    My thoughts:
    On mobile, I find the interface to be ok. The cards in the tour view are sometimes hard to scroll.

    As for growing the community, perhaps consider sharing a few nice tours in digital nomads groups. If you make them relevant (i.e. by replying to someone asking for an advice on what to visiti in a particular city), it should work well.

    I would try marketing this to Hostels and perhaps AirBnB hosts, I could see something like this being useful for them

    Good luck with the project, I think it definitely has potential!


    1. 1

      Hi Ante, thanks for giving us feedback.

      Granted there is a lot to work on UX/UI, those we'll be our next tasks for Route Creator.
      Unfortunately, route view on mobile was only made to extend usability a bit - we have iOS App that we are working on that is oriented towards city exploration - discovering places and walking routes (created by Roam Routes Creator webapp)

      Great idea about digital nomads groups - do you have any reference to any specific group/community we could approach?

      AirBnB hosts are on our radar , though Hostels are also great idea.

      Thanks again,

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