Show IH: Crowdly - Membership sites for content creators

Hey IH! After much inspiration from this community, I'm excited to finally launch my first product! I've spent the last month building out our MVP and am now starting to work on the hard part, getting users ;)

We aim to make it super easy for content creators to create their own membership site. Where the creator is in control of the content and subscriptions.

I'd love any feedback on the landing page and/or product!


#landing-page-feedback #launch

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    I think that your landing page needs some more sections. The first paragraph describing your service could be several sections in your landing.

    I feel like your picture is not enough, it's a service about people, maybe we could feel that in your landing page without the need to read the text.

    Your pricing plan appears a little bit empty... Maybe you could think about having a freemium plan or annual plan (free up to 5 members or something else).

    The example site didn't show your service very well. Maybe while scrolling the example site, it could have a left frame, displaying information on the service while discovering the page... Maybe you could think about your use cases and having one demo site for each one...

    Just some thoughts...

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      Thanks for the feedback. I'm taking all this into consideration for the next iteration.

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    Why should I choose Crowdly over other established membership platforms (like for example Podia?

    You should answer this question on your landing page 😉

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    I love your idea :)
    It's a kind of SaaS-based-Patreon?

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      Ya, I think of it as the ease of Patreon with the benefits of your own website (wordpress, etc).

      I think it's extremely important that you are in control of your subscriptions, not the platform you use. Currently w/ Patreon, your supports are not really your customers, but they are Patreon's customers. If Patreon doesn't like what you're doing, they can cut the cord and the creator no longer has their income, which people have voluntarily chosen to give to the creator.

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    I like the idea of members paying directly via Stripe.
    As an EU person, I'd wonder if we are able to collect/customise payments options for VAT MOSS reasons.
    A personal dislike - I just don't like the term 'monetization'. When I build a community, sure I want to make money to be sustainable, but I hate saying that I want to monetiize the people.
    The example site/design puts me off, it feels too simplistic.
    I'm not sure how the platform will help me communicate with the community. How can I send them updates? What options are there?

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      Thanks for the feedback and things to think about. One of my goals this coming week is to improve the site copy.

      Do you mind expanding a bit more on what you mean by the design feels too simplistic?Are you thinking along the lines of there isn't enough options to search/filter content, tags, etc? Or something else? I've never thought of myself as a strong or even decent designer ;)

      The idea is to have a few different designs/layouts the user can choose from at some point in the future. But I need to get some market validation before I implement too many more features.

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    Do you have the URL for your service?

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      Oops. That would be helpful. I edited the op

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