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Show IH – Curri: Instacart for construction supplies (growing 100% MoM)

I am the CTO & co-founder of Curri. We deliver construction supplies to plumbers, electricians, HVAC techs, welders (basically any pro) on-demand.

We launched 4 months ago and have grown 100% MoM doing just over $3k in revenue in March and on track to double that in April.

For one-off deliveries we have an iOS app, Android app, and web app. We also have a more powerful desktop experience for suppliers, allowing them to book several deliveries with a single click.

We're in a classic two-sided market, with supply stores and contractors on each end. Supply stores (20,000 in the US) make 28.8M deliveries annually (120 per month per store) using their own fleet/staff. Contractors (4.3 million in the US) make 620M supply runs annually (12 per month per contractor).

We're looking for:

  • feedback on our product/offering
  • feedback on our homepage
  • brainstorming growth ideas
  • any other feedback you may have

Happy to share more about the inner-workings of the business if you're curious - thanks!

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