March 27, 2019

Show IH: Dislack - Form creation for the modern maker.


Hi everyone, Sam here! I want to share a new product we just launched called Dislack:

Dislack is half database, half form builder, and fully customizable. Makers use Dislack to build, collect and manage form submissions, no matter your experience. It doesn't matter if you’re a designer, developer or have zero knowledge of coding. If you have the urge to create, collect and connect Dislack can help you.

It’s fast and easy to create the forms and collect the data you need. Build forms for newsletter sign ups, events, contacts, lead generation and so much more.

Thank you in advance for taking time to read this we really appreciate it.


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    Hey Sam,

    I suggest you add the "Sign Up with Google/Facebook" feature. I am a lot more likely to signup if this is available.

    How is Dislack different from Google Forms?

    In case you want feedback from additional potential users, I suggest you join @fvarela 's feedback exchange list.

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      Thanks for the suggestion I will share this internally! And I will also check out the exchange list now.

      Dislack provides endpoints where people can code their own forms and then connect to our backend to manage submissions, in addition to the traditional form building capability that products like Google Forms have. We have more on the way and are focused on enabling people to create collect and connect data.