Show IH: Domz -- Domain Management & Intelligence

Hey guys,

I'm a long time lurker here, who's about to start getting very active. I've been heads down on day job and side projects. Now it's time to show one I'm working on...

It's called Domz (https://www.domz.io) -- domain management and intelligence.

First Release

Initial release was to scrape, process and publish up-to-date pricing from various service providers for top level domains (TLDs) so you can find the cheapest place to register domains. It's powered by some affiliate links, which does seem to bring in a small amount of coin. Nothing that will help quit the day job, but it gave enough inspiration to move forward to the next release.

Second Release

Second release was to pull in all sorts of other data, such as service registries (these are the guys that are given the power to operate the TLDs), and registrars (the actual name repositories where service providers register your domains). While a necessary depot of data, I realized that this wasn't actually helping the product gain any traction or user signups. No end users really care about that! This gave me further momentum to tune the product to what my market is actually interested in.

Next Release

So, I started adding the domain management functionality. This is the core product, and what I'm actually focused on building. It allows users that have a lot of domains (50 to 50,000) to centrally manage their domains and keep an eye on them. Surprisingly, there's not really a tool out there that does this, and for years I've had the pain of managing my domains across about 10 different registrars/service providers. There's a market for this!

Domain management means centralizing the domains in one panel, identifying potential cost savings by comparing pricing at current and possible service providers, and then even automating transfers between service providers. And of course, getting a sense of how are your domains are (is whois protection turned on? are the domains locked? are the websites responsponding? etc).

The Process

I've got a lot to do still. The inner dashboard has some functionality (and some feature sneak peeks), but the automation is still in progress. Next I want to immediate get up the subscription functionality so that I can take early customers as the rest gets built out... I'm sure the first few customers would give me a huge incentive to get the rest done.

So with that, I welcome you to come check out Domz -- https://www.domz.io, if not just for the free pricing comparisons. I know you all need domains :) Everyone who creates a free account will be later grandfathered into an EARLY ADOPTER tier and given discounted pricing.

Feedback & Support

We Need You! And please... all of your critical feedback is welcome, the good, the bad, the ugly... I need your help!


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