Landing Page Feedback April 28, 2019

Show IH: Exclusive community for single founders

Shun Yamada @shyamady

Hi there. I'm going to build a 10-week exclusive community. The community is about providing a co-creation workspace and mentoring single founders and indie makers.

It's a kind of Startup Online School (YC) but the community is more focused on the phase before startups. Our goal is to build a place where people can get mentoring, find someone to partner with, ask about the problem they're facing and keep their motivation to the startup.

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    The blocks and content is fine; you have the header and content to tell what you do and there's a call to action form to get early users for launch day. The overall design is not fancy, but still I guess your landing page can convert very well which is the end goal of each landing page. But I suggest to put more effort on the design and developing more content and pages once your product released.

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      Thanks for your feedback! I'll continue to get users with this lp ;)

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    It seems like a good idea, but I did not understand where it says "get paid to build a startup with a successful founder" then in the signup form it asks "how much can you pay".

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      @tb1 Thanks for your feedback. I have not set the price yet, so I want to know how much is better.

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        Ok. I still am not sure but I am guessing that one side "gets paid" and the other side "pays" but it isn't clear.

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          Thanks so much for your advice! I'll fix it :)

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    I like the idea but it sounds like a dating app.

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      Thanks! I have to fix "single". haha

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        I'd go with Solo Founders - Single sounds like a dating app too.... also is this for Tech founders, non-tech or both?

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    Hello Shun! Nice concept! It's a fairly well-designed website for easy conversion. It would be nice to have some user feedback, like testimonials carousel or maybe mentions from twitter. Overall pretty good.

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      Thanks, Agnel always :) I really appreciate that, and I'll try to fix that!

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