Landing Page Feedback May 10, 2019

Show IH: Fitness Community

John Davison @startuplandia

Working on a building a community around some fitness exercises and that have had massive impact on me over the last few years, would love some #landing-page-feedback :)

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    I'm missing what your USP is - or your value proposition. I get that it's a community for mindfulness athletics but how does that help me as a potential customer?

    Just my 2c!

    Also, if you're looking for feedback on the idea itself I have a market research service where for $12 you can ask 100 people a question and then follow-up with interviews if you want.

    Just thought it might help. You can test the concept, marketing copy, or even screenshot your landing page and see what people think :)

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      Your comment on the USP, i think is valid. I struggle with the nature of how in many ways, I'm attempting to teaching my own vision to people, which in some cases means the value prop might have nothing to do where they are at as people so I have to bridge between what I care about and things that hopefully they care about.

      That being said i changed up the copy and structure a bit to be close to what I actually care about, the 'mindful athletics' copy was more experimentation that anything. What I'm really into is showing people how to improve from the negative impact of life behind computers with some relatively straightforward exercises that are commonly overlooked.

      curious if you notice or react differently =>

      i might give scoops a try, thanks for the tip

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    It's not clear what joining the community means. It kind of feels like a misleading way to just get people on an email list.

    It feels unclear what a Workshop is. It took me a while to confirm whether it was a virtual/online thing. I could only figure it out by clicking on the Join a Workshop button.

    The description of the workshop (particularly the 3 bullet points) leave me feeling lost, I don't really understand all the words and terminology...and ultimately what it all means.

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      I updated the copy and structure of the page to be closer to what I really want to do, which is teach people about these tools that have been awesome for me, the workshop itself is more of a secondary thing, would be curious how if newer version gives you a different reaction,

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      cool awesome feedback thanks