April 18, 2019

Show IH: Frontend Robot - codeless end-to-end testing

Hello Indie Hackers!

After more than 1 year of work, I recently launched my new product, Frontend Robot (https://frontendrobot.com), a tool that allows you to create end-to-end tests without code and run them without the need to setup and maintain a test infrastructure. Essentially, you don't have any excuse for not writing tests anymore 😝.

I'm sure this is a tool that many in the Indie Hackers community may find useful, but I also understand that the price can be daunting for a bootstrapped founder.
So, if you are interested in subscribing after the trial you can use the coupon IH-50-U2c1 valid until May 18th or for a maximum of 50 redemptions whichever comes first.

The only thing that the product badly needs at the moment is a knowledge base (I'm working on it), so if you are stuck with something please send an email to [email protected] or contact us using the in-app chat.

By the way, let me know what you think about the product and if there is anything I can improve.


PS: I'll leave the background story of Frontend Robot and the "make of" to another post.