show IH: gitIn, let outsiders create issues to your Github org

Hey Folks!

A couple months back, I was chatting with a friend of mine who runs a small co. With all project management done via Github, he talked about how much of a process it was for non-Github users to create tickets (i.e. "write the ticket, email it to engineer, engineer puts it in Github, assigns to whoever, etc").

I thought about that one, and created a one-stop shop that allows any authorized people to create issues within your Github org. Would looove any feedback you could give (my first product 👶), and THANK YOU in advance!


#product-feedback-request #showih

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    I like it! Had a need for this a while back actually, but went a different direction. And thanks for sharing for free. Will keep it in mind for when I need this functionality again.

    Since it's free, any reason this isn't a github repo so we could host elsewhere if wanted?

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      Thanks @devhoag! I've actually started on a 'deploy with Docker' version so you could host anywhere you'd like, but wanted to validate the idea before moving further. 👍

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        Awesome! Will look out for an update. 🙏

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