May 14, 2019

Show IH: Guestboard - an all-in-one platform for organizing your group events

Peter Vandendriesse @PVan

We've been working on for a little over a year now, and happy to finally post it up publicly on both here and HackerNews today! (

Guestboard started as a way for wedding guests to see who else is going– so they could communicate about sharing rides, building excitement, and saving money $$. It also gives the organizer (in that case, the bride/groom) an easy way to update guests on important announcements that were too mundane to include on their invitation or wedding website.

But with our growing frustration with FB events and personal pain points of planning things like bachelor parties, camping trips, and other big group events– we've expanded past weddings.

Guestboard keeps all your big group events under one roof, and includes a growing number of optional widgets to help your event, currently:

✍ A Central message board (forum)

📌 Shared resources (to post important links like GDocs, lineup posters, etc)

🏠 Airbnb map

⏱ Timeline/Schedule

✅ Interactive checklist (my favorite)

💰 Parter Deals (so you can save money on goods and services related to your specific event type)

We're about to continue past our open beta at around 4500 users, with a HUGE thanks to those on here who joined months ago and provided valuable insight and feedback.

..but that being said, we're always looking for more! 😄 What do you think? Any widgets you think we should prioritize? What's a hangup for you?

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    It looks great. As already mentioned, I think adding the option for recurring events is what you need for this to really take off.

    What are your plans around monetizing this? Only with "deals" affiliate, or do you have a premium tier in mind?

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      The deals directory is one source, yes. We'll be releasing more powerful and niche widgets that can be applicable to more professional events for a small fee to activate.

      There's also the opportunity to really make booking/tracking flight prices and hotel reservations much more convenient for attendees, and can generate referral commissions from that (working on this now, actually). Appreciate the kind words!

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    That's a beautiful website. All the best. :)

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    Congrats on the launch, Peter! I'll use it for our next trip with friends! One bug report: if you have adblock enabled, then "Create Free Event" on the main page won't work, since it blocks a call to conversion tracking.

    PS Hope to see you on the next meetup in LA, won't be able to come today.

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      wow, didnt know that about adblock! Damn, thanks for letting me know! And yes, see ya at the next one! :)

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        I haven't either, just decided to check with dev tools why I can't click on the button that for sure must work.

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    Can you please build something to allow for recurring events/groups, so that I can ditch Meetup? :)

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      Yes! Making an event recurring is on the roadmap. I might shoot ya a PM to find out exactly your use case, but I think I have an idea -- hello fellow IH community ambassador!