Show IH: How I handle customer objections pre-launch...

Hey all, if you're building a list of interested potential customers pre-launch and want as many of them as possible to convert to paying customers, you might find this helpful...

This is a real example of how I create my pre-launch email sequence for my Sales for Founders course (launching in late May).

First, I segment potential customers according to their biggest pain point and then identify what objections they might have to buying the course when it's released.

Then, I come up with ways to overcome those objections, personalised to the segment (pain point).

Finally, I use this to build out a sequence of emails which will help move the potential customer through those different objections (and hopefully solve them) one by one.

By the time the course is released (and I ask people to give me money), they should be at the point where they don't have any objections left and are either willing to buy, or aren't the right kind of customer for the course in the first place 🚀

Feel free to ask any questions/give feedback!

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    Thank you for sharing this

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    Louis, it was super-helpful to see laid your process laid out like this. Thanks for sharing.

    I'd love to see the email sequence that comes out of this as well (i.e. only if you're comfortable sharing.)

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      Thanks Felix!

      I'd love to see the email sequence that comes out of this as well

      I wouldn't have a problem sharing, but because of the segmentation and personalisation there isn't one email sequence that comes out of this - there are like 10+ different variants based on what your biggest problem is, etc...

      Hope that makes sense :)

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        Ah ok, that does make sense :)

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