March 18, 2019

Show IH: hypetraq - video game hype analyser


hey hackers!

I'm in the mid developing my web tool that analyses hype for video games.

At the very first I started working on it for my own likes and after a year of work or so, it slowly become something I can show to public.

Basically it aggregates data from multiple sources (like twitch and steam) and analyses the current hype for the game.

Happy to hear your feedbacks!


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    oh and the site is up and running now:

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    Before starting, you should ask yourself what is the problem you are trying to solve. Are you trying to be informed on games that are trending? Measure games audiences? Who could be interested in that data?

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      Basically 3 parties will be interested in data.

      1. gamers whom would like to see next hit game.
      2. streamers & youtubers - to find out the next big game they'll shoot a video about
      3. developers.
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        That's great, I am a gamer so I am happy to see the next upcoming hype! Now you just need to find streamers, youtubers and developers that are ready to start using your product!

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          Still working on a new release which will show the most hyped games for this hour, today and this month.

          Keep tuned.

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            Looking forward to see this. Btw you should already have a landing page to get email subscribers so I can sign up and wait for updates!

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      i can answer this ,
      if the data is valibal and reliable it is priceless as
      game developer can take this data and according to this plan the next game in term of ROI .

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        yea seems a viable idea.

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