Productized Services November 18, 2019

Show IH: I built a website with interviews of productized service entrepreneurs

Robin Vander Heyden @Vinrob

Hey IH,

I quietly launched last week ProductizedStartups ( with interviews and upcoming resources for productized service entrepreneurs.

I started two years ago my productized service not knowing at all what productized services were and I saw there was no resource to help productized service entrepreneurs. During the journey of building my own service I learnt so much and I thought the best way was to start with some interviews / case studies of other entrepreneurs.

I also hired a VA to help me publish interviews and articles (you can expect roughly 1 new article per week day!)

Let me know your thoughts and if you'd like to be interviewed, DM me on Twitter :)

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    How do you plan to make money from ProductizedStartups?

    1. 1

      Right now I mostly use it as an education platform for people to know more about productized services. I run a SaaS ( and hope some of the readership will get to use it.

      I am also thinking to run a paid community with premium content.

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    Oh, nice, looking forward to this!

    (ps - I don't think the email subscription forms are working).

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      Thanks for the heads up! Will put a confirmation once the email is entered.