April 4, 2019

Show IH: Interviews with founders of space startups!

Sarwech @sarwech

Hey everyone! 👋

I wanted to give the Indie Hackers community a first glimpse of a project I've been working on. I'd love your feedback before I officially launch :)

It's Space Bandits, a site where I share interviews with exciting space startups.

I made this for a few reasons:

  • Firstly, the space industry has really come into its own in the last few years, thanks to SpaceX and others, which has caused a huge surge in interest and curiosity for more.
  • Secondly, it's not always easy to find interesting info about them without digging deep into news articles, their own sites, subreddits, online forums etc.
  • Thirdly, like tech, there's a huge variety in the sector, from hardware, to software, to retail consumer products. A lot of cool stories that could be told!

There are 4 interviews on there with more to be added in the next few days prior to launch (aiming to launch with 9-12).

Would be awesome to get your feedback on

  • what you think of the actual interview questions and answers?
  • are you a fan of space or not? Is this something you'd find interesting?
  • the design and overall site experience?



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    Hey @sarwech, I think this is very cool! Nice work

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      Thanks @typpo, after seeing some of your work like Asterank and the dino database, that really means a lot! Would love to feature you on the site at some point :D

      Also would love any feedback on what to improve!

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    Hello, you have a password, it's normal ?

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      Hey Sofian! Thanks for your reply 😅

      I added one recently as people started sharing it before it was ready! The password is adastra.

      Let me know your thoughts!

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        Thank you, your idea is really cool, the site is dynamic and attractive. Work hard for the success of this issue it's interesting! Good job I wait for the final version eagerly

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          Thank you, that's appreciated! I'll post on here when I launch later this week 😃

          If there's anything you think can be improved, do let me know!

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            Yes, i think than a next feature you can propose the interview with audio. You can read a interview with a mic for adaptive to your site. :)

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              Yep I'm thinking about how to make these more accessible and considering that! Thanks for suggesting 😀

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      Hey @csallen, is there a way to report this as spam?

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        If you go to the user's page, you can click "Report User"

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          Thanks a lot!