Product Development March 26, 2020

Show IH: Job aggregator for entry-level positions

Donald Coleman @docoleman

@kimbosama and I are bootcamp students attending Lambda School and as someone trying to break into tech, we often go from website to website to find entry-level opportunities and wanted to create a job board that has all the info we wanted from the multiple sites we visited frequently.

Most entry-level developer positions require 3+ years of experience making it hard for beginners to break into tech. There is not a good place that is targeting beginners looking to jump start their career 🚀

So we made Entry Level to help others struggling to find that first job like us. Entry Level is targeted towards students 🐤, recent grads 👩‍🎓, career changers 👨‍⚕️, and individuals with less than 3 years of experience 👶. With Entry Level, you can search through all of our jobs from lots of different sources. If you’d like to apply for a job, it links you back to the source. How it works is simple, you just search and click on a job that interests you and apply.

🎯 Our main goals after today are to improve user experiences, categorizing jobs, tag filtering, post job page, and add remote jobs for those affected by COVID 19 and individuals seeking to work from home.

Please let us know if you have any feedback or questions 🤓