April 19, 2019

Show IH: Million - An all-in-one workspace for all your tasks, notes and ideas


Hey IH,

I just launched Million which is an all-in-one workspace for boosting productivity. I spent almost a year working on it and I'd like to show you guys. I appreciate any feedback on the app and the site.


Product Hunt:

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    Sales flow feedback:

    The first BUY button should be replaced by a different CTA. User has very limited info about what your service does, has seen literally 0 visuals about what it does, has no info about pricing etc.

    Nobody is going to click that. And if they do, it will be just out of curiosity in most cases, not because they actually want to buy, so most of them would drop out of the funnel.

    So it's a wasted CTA. Would either replace by free trial option (but that's also an overkill at this point imo) or would just give the user a bit more info before the first CTA.

    What comes to my mind as an alternative CTA would be a downloadable PDF with productivity / creativity tips in exchange for their email (but that's just so over used these days, that you'd have to come up with a high quality downloadable) OR a CTA to join the community at some social media and "SEE HOW OTHERS USE MILLION" or something like that.

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      Thanks for the thorough feedback it helps a lot. I'll think about what to replace the first CTA with. Is the free trial overkill in your opinion because of the demo at the bottom? I still had someone ask for a free trial so I was wondering if I should add one.

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    UX feedback:

    Splash screen gives you no info about what your service does.
    It's pretty well explained if you scroll just a little bit, but I am sure a lot of people would bounce off of your site unless they get this info right away.

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      That makes sense. I was going to put the tagline right underneath the logo but then I wouldn't have any text to put where the tagline currently is. Thoughts?

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    Why are there no scrollbars?

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      Thanks for pointing that out. Just fixed it.

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