Landing Page Feedback April 19, 2019

Show IH: PinPlz, simple, single-click bookmarking for the web

ZeroStar @zerostar07

PinPlz is a simple way to save bookmarks with a single click, keep notes and organize them using tags.


  1. You can save any link with a single click to the bookmarklet
  2. You can add tags and notes to your bookmarks, browse chronologically or by website
  3. It stores a link to the referrer page (if possible) , so you can remember how you found each page
  4. It stores an archived copy of each page
  5. It shows a qr code that you can use to load the link in your phone
  6. You can publicly "like" and comment on every link, and follow other users.

This has been a fun side project that has been useful to me. I hope it can be useful for you too ;)


  1. 1

    Do you have Chrom extension or Alfred workflow? For me, bookmarklet should be integrated with browse or launcher app. But great work man!

    1. 1

      thank you! No chrome extension though it's in the plans. The whole functionality is still available through the bookmarklet

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