Ethics April 29, 2019

Show IH: Plausible - simple, privacy focused web analytics

Uku Taht @ukutaht

Hi friends!

I'm Uku, a developer from London . I've become increasingly worried about sharing that my website visitors' data with Google of all the companies. Late last year I decided to build an alternative that is simpler and more ethical than GA.

Plausible is a simple, non-intrusive web analytics tool. The stats you get are much easier to understand, and it doesn't collect any personal data about your visitors.

For the last three months, I've been developing the product in public beta mode. More than 60 people signed up in that time and installed Plausible on their website(s) during that time.

Now I'm ready to share the v1 with this community! If you're looking to ditch Google Analytics for a more ethical alternative, feel free to integrate with your website and test it for yourself.

Thanks everyone for the great support and feedback you've provided during the beta period. It's a privilege to be able to participate in this forum.


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    This project is very promising. GA is bloated with tons of unneeded things. It's good to see something that's lite and fast and provides me with information that's actually valuable.

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    Ethical analytics is definitely on my todo list for future/new projects. I really can't stand GA and how bloated it is. All I really want to know is how many visits/visitors I'm getting, when and where from.