May 9, 2019

SHOW IH: Rent vs Buy? My new Side Project is just about to answer this question ;)

Alex Ershov @aershov

Hi, my fellow IndieHacker! For the last 3 weeks I was crunching the numbers around the internal question:

  • "Should I buy a house or keep renting and invest + grow my savings?"

As I love to craft things on a side I just about to launch my new Side Project with the result of my investigation that is called "RentVSBuy.App - An Advanced Rent Vs Buy Calculator". If you in the same situation trying to compare the possible financial results from buying opposite to renting and have some degree of despise towards the whole idea that "mortgage (read dept) is the only way to build your wealth" I welcome you to play with the app and make your own weighted decision around the topic :)

Hope it will be helpful. Cheers. Alex.

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    Awesome work, Alex! It's an amazing way to enliven the ideas shared by the "bare foot investor".

    I've also added your website to SaaSHub . You can verify it and improve the listing there.

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      Awesome, thanks Stan!

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    Great work. Reminded me of a NYT article that accomplishes a similar goal:

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    I like what you're doing with your data. Very cool!

    I literally just got off the phone with zillow offers (comparing them to offerpad and traditional home sales). They have a similar process in evaluating the metrics.

    I'd love to see how you could perhaps simplify the experience in a way that could reduce the time it takes to answer the questions.