April 30, 2019

Show IH: send hundreds of personalized emails with Gmail 💌

Corentin @Frenchcooc

Hi fellow makers,

I’d like to share with you Mailmeteor - https://mailmeteor.com/.

For indie projects, cold emailing remains a very powerful technique to get customers. Of course, it must be done right - everyone likes to feel special.

Mailmeteor is a Google add-on allowing you to send hundreds of personalized emails with Gmail. It’s free until the end of May. You can send up to 1500 emails a day if you are a Gsuite user.

Mailmeteor is a project we’ve been working for several months with my co-founder @cuireuncroco. Feel free to leave us a comment and join our Telegram community where we share our latest developments - https://bit.ly/2vvRsY0.

Happy sending ;-)

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    What is great with Mailmeteor is:

    • you can email a lot of people quickly
    • track your emails sent in real time
    • increase your answer rate dramatically
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