March 24, 2019

Show IH: Serpentine Beta - The missing Google Search API

Vladislav Novik @otchenashev

Hi folks! My name is Vlad, I'm a full stack web developer. This is my first gig as a solo founder, and that's where the journey begins.

This project was started as an internal tool for my own needs to power various SEO / automation tasks. It also helps greatly when doing outreach.

Today I'm proud to announce the open beta for all other developers struggling with getting Google Search Results.

I appreciate any feedback and support you can give me along the way.

What features would you add and why?
What would you recommend to start marketing Serpentine?


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    looks great. Do you also list in the results the snippet, carousel, ads....?

    1. 2

      Actually, we collected snippets but it didn't always work out well so I disabled that feature to rework it and add back soon.

    2. 1

      Updated it to support snippets, language and location country.

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    yeah, it's not so clear from the front page what is it for... took me few clicks to figure out, and still not sure .
    Is is to track search terms ranking?

    1. 1

      Ah, that explains a lot! Thank you. It's a JSON API that returns Google search results for a given query that you can use in your software. E.g. if you search "Web Developer in London" it will spit out an array of links and titles containing relevant search results.

      I'll try to figure out how to make the landing page less confusing, thanks again!

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    Hey 👋
    Congrats on launching! 👏

    Couple thoughts on landing page: I feel confused. I know it’s some product around google results but I don’t know how exactly the product can help me and what problems does it solve.

    Also: I don’t like when I click get started and am not informed about pricing before signing up. It’s because I’m not really aware what my commitment will be. Sure, there is pricing page but this only distracts me and forces to go from the signup page back to the homepage to see the menu and then to the pricing page. By that time you already lost me as a customer.

    On a pricing page another confusing surprise - what makes you offer a coupon code to everyone?

    Good luck with next iterations!

    1. 1

      Thanks Maciej! So far I've realized that the landing page is confusing and I'll need to find the way to tell people what it is from the start.

      Nice catch about the pricing page, I see people go back and forth between those two. I just didn't want people to pay before they even have an account to link with their subscription. The only solution on top of my head at the moment would be to have them sign up through the pricing page and trigger the payment after sign the form submission.

      P.S. I just wanted to give whoever tests this a discount during the beta to get them a little bit engaged and forgiving :).

      If you'll ever be interested, I'll arrange a bigger coupon for you.
      Thanks again!

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    I'm searching for similar solution from last few months. I think I found my answer. Any way to get HTML Source code ? As we need all the snippets + result count from page. I tried via Live chat, but I think timezone difference.

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    Use cases would be nice. I assume you scrape Google and do... what?

    How would you use the results?

    1. 1

      Hi! I've already noted that it would be much easier if we show some top use cases on the landing / how it works page.

      My personal top would be:

      SERP Ranking Monitoring. Use it to keep track of your/competitors performance on given keywords.

      Outreach. Find websites related to a given topic to further use those URLs to find contact details / fill in contact forms.

      Lead generation. Discover other social media profiles of people by twitter handle/email/etc.

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