March 11, 2019

SHOW IH: - A SAAS platform for generating custom open graph/twitter cards for your website.

Mike @entrepreneur

I spent a month building (and, and would love to get some feedback. I'm about ready to begin marketing.

Really curious to see if anyone else is interested in the project/would want to join.

By checking out the homepage can you even tell what it does?
Is this useful? - probably an important one :P
Who would want this? - (I'm thinking buzzfeed-type media sites that rely on social media traffic and would benefit tremendously from a large % increase in social traffic clickbacks)

I'm curious to see if anyone is interested enough to help with the initial sales/marketing of the platform for commission/a piece of the pie.

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    Another thing is once needed to do this and also turn my landing page into a PDF and couldnt find any tools that do this for react. Might be it’s just not possible with it

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      Hey, check out puppeteer. It's a headless chrome library for node.js, and It can handle this task. It's what I used to create this project.

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    I have the problem - but does not work with react apps

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    Usually, when yo use Show password eye icon, there is no need for Confirm password field. 2019-03-12 11.52.36.png?dl=0

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    Marketing tips would be awesome too... anyone ever build something similar?

    1. 1 is similar to HTMLtoImage

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        Interesting! Looks cool