March 27, 2019

Show IH: Sprint Cost, a side project for automate cost estimation in software projects


Hi Community :)

I want to show you a side project that i have created to solve a problem in software projects budgeting in my company. As a Technical Co-Founder, part of my job consist of software cost estimates in digital projects. Sometimes it’s not easy to communicate this estimates to Non-Technical Co-Founders and I finally ended up explaining all costs in an excel spreadsheet. This is tedious because we ended up managing thousand of spreadsheets with the costs and then we have to follow the tasks advances in the project management platform.

We have tried several software cost estimation platforms. In the majority of cases they aren’t adapted to Agile Scrum philosophy because they are more generic. Other problem is the UI, that was too complex and difficult to use for non-technical roles. So i decided to create Sprint Cost to solve this problem.

This is the link:

It's completely free and I hope it will add value to your day-to-day projects.

Please, give me your feedback, i would like to hear your suggestions and improve the platform as much as i can.



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    Hey Alan!
    This looks nice. Clearly, you put a lot of work into this.

    Whenever I deal with a tool that solves a painful business problem like this and it's 'free forever' without any paid plans, it immediately makes me suspicious: how do they make money? Do they have any hidden agenda?

    I'm not suggesting you do, just wanted to share my two cents and let you know. In my eyes, the perceived value of a free tool is lower than a paid one. You might build more trust and ultimately be better off by charging money or at least having some paid plans.

    All the best with future iterations!

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      Many thanks for your reply :)

      I appreciate your comment, yes you have reason in having a paid plans can give more confidence to the product. The reason it's free is because is a first version and i want to test if there is a real interest for this product in the software industry. I would like to gain some traction in order to put a big money/time investment, because it's a side project at the moment.

      Do not hesitate to propose new improvements if you see any.

      Thanks again

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        Sure. I see freemium as a promotional strategy more than a pricing plan, really.

        Here is a real question: how could you both have prices to build trust and increase perceived value, and provide a free access for early adopters?

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          Hi again,

          is an interesting question and my idea is the following.

          Paid plans applies to the limit of projects that you can create, there can be tiers, for example >15 projects it's free,

          15 & <30 can be Basic paid plan, >30 & <60 can be Medium paid plan, and +60 can be a premium plan adapted to the user.

          Other paid feature to include in the plans is the number of member users that you can create in the same plan under the same organization/company.

          These are only hypothetical examples at this moment, i have to think about it and decide based on the response of the market.