April 3, 2019

Show IH: The Byte

Brian Christner @vegasbrianc

Hello everyone,

Long-time reader, first-time poster.

I'm excited to announce the launch of my new Podcast "The Byte" A Byte-Sized podcast about Containers, Cloud, and Tech.

The premise is short Byte-Sized, easily consumable as they are short and direct about the topic. No Fluff.


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    I really like it!
    Do you intend on doing all the podcast yourself ?
    Or will you try to have guest speakers in the future ?

    1. 1

      Great! Thanks for the feedback.

      I have a list of people which I will interview from Google, Microsoft, Docker, and quite some startups as well. What do you think?

      The challenge will be to keep the interviews short like around 10-15 minutes tops.

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    This is great! Really appreciate the transcripts, too. Are you planning to keep it on a daily/multiple-per-day cadence?

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      Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I plan to do a daily cadence.

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    Is it possible to listen from iTunes?

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