May 15, 2019

Show IH - To Did List (not to do list)


Hi all, the Indie Hackers community has been super interesting to follow and contribute to. After all the encouraging words on here and after many many half finished projects, I finally built a project I'm excited to share.

Please tear apart my project with suggestions and notes.

This is a "did" list for writing down things that you have done.
It's my way of getting away from the infinite todo list problem and started as a simple VIM shortcut.


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    With some basic analytics applied, it could give you insights that might significantly improve your to-do lists.

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      Thanks! What type of analytics would be most helpful for you? streaks?

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        Analyzing what activities I'm best at at a certain time and making to-do suggestions based on to-did.

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          hmm, thats interesting, I'm not sure if the app would suggest doing the same things you've already done, OR if you have some type of continuation in mind.

          Say you read your new book, it would suggest continuing the read the book?

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    I like this idea. I religiously use to-do lists despite my overdue tasks always piling up and stressing me out, but this seems like a nice way to remind yourself that despite that, you're still getting things done. And I'm guessing I'd end up trying to get as many things on that list as I could in the 24 hour limit, potentially making me more productive.

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      Yes my Asana is 1000 tasks deep of articles to read, things to do and even articles I’ve read. I think this process (todid) makes me feel less like I’m on a hamster wheel and more reflective on my what’s I did. Anything you’ve done small or big is still a positive step toward wherever you’re going.

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    Not sure if this was the direction you were taking, but it would be cool if somehow it could integrate with resumes. It's weird that as a programmer you can feel like you are learning a lot building small prototypes or scripts. But while you learn a lot from these small experiments, But you don't have any real way to display the things you have done to potential job prospects.

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      I have complete empathy for your position. When you complete a 6 hour coding exercise it seems like a waste to throw it away whether you get the job or not. Same is true for websites and scripts that you write. This is an interesting view I should think about.

      My current project is self reflection focused and gives me time to consider what things I feel like I accomplished.

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    Nice job and good spin on something thats been done. I'm about to release my own version of a todo/shopping list.

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      Thanks for feedback. I made this pretty opinionated in that you cannot look past 24 hours but I feel like this is a great experiment

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    Oh, there's something about this that I really like about this. There's something really satisfying about logging what you have done.

    At Ministry of Testing (some of) our team give a daily bullet point list of what they've done, just text via Slack updates in specific channels. I wonder if this would work in team environments to help update team members on what has been done.

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      Thanks for the kind words! I made a deliberate experiment by limiting what you can see to the last 24 hours to avoid reminiscing too far back on your previous dids.

      You're totally right, a lightweight group version of this is a great idea!