August 27, 2019

Show IH: Track your progress towards financial independence (and reach it faster)

Austin Grandt @doompatrol

Hi IH,

I previously have posted in here about calculators that I made that will calculate your path to FI. Recently, I took the extra step and created a tracker where you can either let the app auto calculate your FI number, or set a custom one yourself. The goal is to help people understand their path to FI no matter if they are new to the concept or advanced users like most of us on this sub.

Currently the app has:

  • Ability to track your progress over time towards FI
  • Track your emergency fund (the first step to FI)
  • Achievements and weekly reminders to help you stay motivated
  • A "FI Newsfeed" that automatically updates with FI related blog posts, podcasts, and videos
  • A data lab to simulate different paths to FI
  • Insights on where you stand and how to reach your goals faster
  • No connection to bank accounts. I want to keep this as privacy friendly as possibly by asking you for minimal personal information & don't connect to your accounts

Here's a link if you are interested:

Looking for feedback on anything. Want a feature? Think something could be cool? Something look weird? I want to hear it all!

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    Hey Austin! I love this! I'm a money coach and my passion is helping people achieve FI! I would be happy to share my opinions/insights - sending you my 15 min convo link if you want to connect. :)